Friday, August 29, 2008

Day i

Countdown til we go live: T minus 5 days
Today I paid a visit to the high school that I will be student teaching at this Fall. Even as I pedaled my bike up the hill, I felt my legs aching under the weight of my books, my thoughts and my anxieties. I arrived in time to catch the tail end of a (free-for-all) technology training session. As I stepped in and took in the faces of the people around me, I had a minipiphany: all of the teachers in the room looked alike (not in a Stepford Wives way, but a "hey! they're human beings too!" way). Only now, as I'm writing this do I wonder if I took some confidence in that homogeny because they all looked like me (white, middle-ish class, liberal). That is a topic for another entry. 
Last night, my mind was full of those ugly voices I work hard to suppress during the school year and in just a few moments with my cooperating/mentor teacher, I felt those voices turn mute. Relief. In the span of an hour, I moved from anxious, unsure, incapable, and underprepared to excited, confident, well-read, and innovative. Ah, the power of community.

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