Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Intentions (or What I'm Doing Here)

Last semester, I struggled to journal. I did it, but I struggled. There was so much happening for me that I would either write for hours and still quit mid-thought or would jot a few cryptic (and later useless) notes about my day/week. 

This semester, I need a place to process and thought that a collaborative space would be best, since everything about this student teaching experience is collaborative. I'm navigating that line of transparency, how much do you tell before you look incompetent? So, here's the point, I am a novice and learning every day more than I could ever retain. I'm pretty good at fessing up when I don't get it (no matter what "it" is) and thought that maybe this will give me a read (come December or May) on how far I've come. 

My best intentions: to be honest, earnest, and (as) fearless (as possible), and to swim around in those uncomfortable places that intimidate me the most. 

You're welcome to join me.

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